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Stand up and shout!

For a couple of months this year, I undertook a stand-up comedy course (as part of a silly, drunken bet-challenge that I’ll talk about at some other point in time because it’s ridiculous).

For my routine, I decided to talk about suffering from “Pure O” OCD (which you can read up on here). Of course, being an amateur, 5-minute stand-up set, I don’t go into the nitty gritty of the mental illness, I just spend some time cracking some jokes about it.

(Not that I’m using humour as a defensive tactic to talk about something that’s really difficult to be open about or anything…)

The course culminated in a live performance – you can check out my set below (definitely Not Safe For Work). I hope you enjoy it. And no, I didn’t realise my voice sounded quite as deep as it does, or that I move like a drunken Thunderbird.


This particular form of OCD occurs mainly in the mind. Intrusive thoughts bombard the sufferer, who invariably develops compulsions to fend off the anxiety and other negative feelings the thoughts produce. Like all forms of OCD, the compulsions only provide temporary relief, as it becomes more and more difficult to mitigate the anxiety (and disgust, fear etc.) over a protracted period of time, resulting in a vicious circle that can take years to break free from.

If you’d like to know more about OCD, please check out the following links:

As always, thanks for tuning in!

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